New England Fall Foliage 

I remember watching the Bob Newhart Show, the one where him and his wife ran a bed and breakfast in Vermont. The preview for the show each week showed the beautiful fall foliage in its peak show of color leading up to the huge house they used as the inn. 

I dreamed one day I would visit New England during the fall and see the sights in person. This past week that dream became  a reality.

Our New England fall foliage tour began on Wednesday October 7th. We flew out of Kansas City and arrived in Boston at around 3:00 P.M. We spent the night at the airport Hilton in Boston. We had a meet and greet that evening where we meet our tour director and the other 48 people on the tour.

After a nice breakfast we left the hotel and began the tour. We spent a large part of the day stopping at all the historical sights in Boston. Then on to Plymouth Rock . Now that was a little disappointing. The rock that the pilgrims landed on was just that a rock. It was about five feet long and about three feet wide. That was not what I had invisioned it to look like. 


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