Tote bags, the good things in life.

I got to thinking the other day how some of the littlest things brings much pleasure in my life. Of course my hubby, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and the Dog Boys always lightens up my world, but it’s the small things that puts a smile on my face.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures are tote bags. I have tote bags in every color, style, fabric, and price range.i have a bright orange Vera Bradly tote that cost over a hundred dollars on sale. Who in their right mind would pay that much for a tote? That would be me. It seams like every time we travel there are totes I just can’t live without. Sometime my hubby tries to stops me from purchasing yet another tote. I usually end up with at least one for every trip we take. I have so many totes, I have totes just to store my totes. I end up using just a few totes in my ever growing tote collection. I do use the Vera Bradly as a carry on when we travel. I love the custom made tote with the grandkids names stamped on  the front. But my number one favorite is my H.E.B. totes I get at their grocery store in San Antonio. They only cost a couple of dollars each, but are decorated with paintings by a Texan artist. 

I don’t think totes is such a bad obssion. It could be much worse and a lot more costly. I could collect diamonds, gold, silver, and all the other gem stones.


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