May 2011 to December 2014

My best friend Terri who is an extremely talented accomplished author, encouraged me to start blogging in May 2011. I started out writing about what it was like living in poverty during the fifties and sixties, then life as a young wife and mother, and as of the last few years my husband’s and my struggle with health issue. If you read any of my bloggs, it doesn’t take you long to know how much I love my husband, children, grandkids, the Dog Boys, the extended family, and a few good friends. At times It has been very hard to maintain a positive attitude. Some days I wished I could run and hide from all the pain and worry. The problem was if I moved the pain always followed. Garry and I has made it though heart attacks, major surgeries , and other health set backs. I found the only way I could handle all the changes I was going through was to have complete trust in God. I have peace in my heart that everything will work out as He planned. I decided to make the best of whatever is in store for me. I will not waste my life on being bitter and angry over things I can not change. It is like a line in a old Aerosmith song “I don’t want to miss a thing”. I don’t want to miss holding Garry’s hand in the car ,or hearing the grandkids singing and playing their music, or playing cards and games with the kids, or seeing the next sun rise. The list goes on and on. I will take each day God gives me, and enjoy every minute to its fullest.


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