For Today I am Grateful

For today I am grateful for all the blessings and healing God has given me the past four months. So much has happened since August 18th, the day I had gastric by-pass surgery. The doctors assured me that 98% of the people having this surgery leaves the hospital with their blood sugars totally under control, and off all insulin and diabetic medication

Well wouldn’t you know , I was in the 2% that it didn’t work. My blood sugar readings were from 250 to 400 until just recently. I had convinced myself this operation was going to work as the doctors had said it would. I was so disappointed that it didn’t happen as planned.

I then went into a period of deep depression , crying over anything and everything. That frame of mind was getting me nowhere fast, so I put on my big girl panties, (with the help of Garry) and turned it all over to God. Somehow I always think I can fix everything on my own. I started praying for God’s help for me to accept how ever this was going to pan out.

Almost four months has passed, and my life has changed in so many ways. Before the surgery I was taking four insulin shots a day, totaling 150 units, and two diabetic pills. Two weeks ago my fasting sugars finally got down to under 120. I am currently taking 60 units of insulin before bed.

Before the surgery I used a wheelchair if I had to walk more than a few feet. Now I walk everywhere. I can’t walk or be on my feet for long periods of time, but that too is improving each day.

I was using oxygen during most of my waking hours. I haven’t needed oxygen since I left the hospital.

The lymphedema has improved greatly. I was pumping for an hour twice a day. Now I pump maybe three times a week. The more I go to the gym and walk the less I have to pump.

I am happy to say I can now take care of my own personal self. Garry was helping me bathe, dress, and the most humiliating of all, helping with hygiene . Unless you have been there, you will never know how much you appreciate doing these things yourself. I am so blessed to have a husband who never made me feel bad for needed his assistance to do any of these things.

I can stand at the stove and cook without needing to sit on a stool. I’m doing laundry for the first time in two years. Garry said I do a terrible job , because everything in wrinkled. So I think he’s getting that job back.

Everyday I am getting stronger. It is just taking time, time that God has so graciously given me. About this time last year, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic said they thought I had maybe six month to a year left. I guess they forgot to ask the God what His plans were for me.

During the past four months, I had a few additional health issues. I had dental work and got an infection, that required two root canals. Then I decided to not to suffer in silence and had surgery. Don’t believe them when they say it’s a painless procedure. Anytime they mess with your behind, it’s going to hurt. Now I’m looking forward to another procedure to fix a tear in the colon. That’s another painless operation ,or so they say.This time I know not to believe them!!!!

Garry had a prostrate procedure done in October. Everything went well, but the healing process is slow and frustrating. Then in November he had all of his upper teeth pulled and dentures put in immediately. I’m so proud of him for doing everything he can to make this transition successful. He looks so handsome, and young with his new pearly whites. In six months they will give him permanent dentures and partials for his lower teeth. Now if he would wear his hearing aides.

Garry and I largely owe the success to our fast recovery to our fabulous daughter Laurie Ann. Laurie, Malia , and Garrison stayed with us for three months after I had my surgery.

Laurie cooked, cleaned, drove us to our sometimes twice a day doctors appointments, did the grocery shopping, took her kids back and forth to school , and to all their other activities, She made sure we’re did everything the doctors ordered us to. She made many late night trips to Walgreen’s picking up our meds or supplies we needed.

She also got me interested in her daily Soap’s and new T.V. shows . (Garry won’t admit it but he too got caught up in the stories)

We discovered Laurie was the son Garry never had during the World Series. Those two certainly had a great time cheering on our Boys in Blue. Their shouts of joy and at times frustration keep the our Dog Boys in the back bedroom shaking in the skin. (They are not the bravest dogs around)

People ask why would Laurie do this for her mother-in law. She said because I’m her Mom. I know what she means because Laurie is my daughter, and I love her with all my heart.o

Now you know why I’m a very thankful blessed woman. God is good and continues to watch over me , picking me up and carrying me when I stumble and fall.




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