It’s two in the morning, and I’m about to begin the second day into our 45 years of marriage. God has certainly blessed me with the most perfect husband . After all these years he still makes my heart skip a beat when he enters the room. The years has flown by so fast it’s hard to believe it’s been 45 years since that cold night in November when we took our vows at the Reverend Thomas Dyer’s house in Odessa. Both sides of our families were there to witness the happy event. The wedding ceremony lasted only a few minutes. We didn’t repeat the customary vows, just simply said I do. The highlight of the evening for our guest was when Garry let out some choice cuss words when he couldn’t get the ring on my finger, and as I put my arms around his neck for the official kiss, my very short , short, dress hiked up above my panties. My sister-in law Darlene said it took longer to get her two kids in the car than it took Reverend Dyer to marry us. It might have been an abbreviated ceremony, but one that started an amazing journey between two people in love.
We started our married life in Missouri. After two years Garry enlisted in the Air Force where we lived in Texas, Georgia, Turkey, back to Texas, Colorado, Guam and our last move back home to Missouri in 1993. Those were some busy years raising our family with very little money , but we had an abundance of love.
The kids married and blessed us with eight grandchildren. Now that’s when we received our rewards for all the years of struggles during the early times of our marriage.
Now it’s just the two of us , however we are not really alone, our two dog-boys, Dogger and Max lives with us too. Our house is too quite at times. We miss the sound of the TV blasting away while the kids are laughing, fighting, and playing in the background.
Our kids have good solid careers , and are busy raising our beautiful grandkids. I am so proud of all the grandchildren. They each have their very own talents, but most of all they love and respect their families.z
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my one and only true love. The past forty five years have been amazing. I wonder what’s in store for us in the future.



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