45 Years Ago

Thanks to Facebook, yesterday I reunited with a long lost friend. Last night we messaged each other back and forth catching up on our lives since we last saw each other over forty five years ago. We discovered we each have eight grandchildren, and she has a bonus of four great grands. She now lives near Warsaw , that’s where we a a travel trailer on my sister’s property. We hope to see each other in the near future. We certainly have a lot of catching up to do.

I first met Vickie when my sister was dating her brother. I was around thirteen and thought they were the coolest people I had ever met. Vickie and her brother were extremely musically talented. One time her family brought their electric guitars to our house and put on a show for us. Her brother was tall dark and so handsome. This little thirteen year old had a huge crush on him. I can still hear him singing “Barbara Anne ” that night. Now Vickie was the real talent in their family. She had a beautiful singing voice. I remember her Daddy telling us about the time they took her to Nashville hoping she would get picked up by a recording studio. Unfortunately nothing came out of their venture. I’ve often thought of her as I watch American Idol. I bet she would have done well on a show like that. She was that good. Maybe she’ll sing a few songs for me sometime. I would love that.

After we finished chatting on line, I remembered a very important reason to remember Vickie. It was the summer of 1969, and I was staying at her house for a few days. A friend of hers and the family stopped by for a visit. He was a little older around 25, and drove a cool car. ( 1965 GTO) He brought into the house an eight track player and a bunch of music for everyone to enjoy, Not only did he have a cool car, but nobody I knew had the latest in music , an eight track stereo system. He drank whiskey straight from the bottle with a beer chaser, and smoked unfiltered Camel cigarettes. Now how cool was that?

In September I met this exciting young man again through Vickie’s brother. This time we started hanging out together, and fell in love immediately. I knew this was the man I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. On November the first 1969, Garry and I were married at the Reverend Dryers home in Odessa. This year will be our 45th anniversary.

Gone are the days of fast cars, we now drive a SUV, an occasional beer has replaced the whiskey drinking, and cigarettes have been out of the picture for over 25 years, What remains is a love that has lasted over 45 years, through the good times and bad, and most recently through sickness and in health.

Thank you Vickie for reminding me of a time long ago, when life was a whole lot simpler. Those are some good memories we have way back when. Hopefully we make new memories when we meet again,


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  1. Terri Sonoda
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 16:38:49

    So happy to hear you’ve found your friend from so long ago! Enjoy getting reacquainted! xoxos


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