My Big Sister Linda

You have always been there watching over me your” younger sister.” I don’t think I was your “little sister” very long. I was the chubby round faced little girl, that grew into the BIG LITTLE SISTER I am today. I think it was the curse of the big head syndrome that almost killed our Momma. ( By the way I spell Momma correctly) during child birth, that made the rest of me grow to fit the size of my head. 
Your watch over me started when I was around four . I was totally bald until 
then.Everyone thought I was a boy. I guess you thought I looked better bald, or you didn’t want me to look like a girl, because you cut all the hair off the back of my head. That was before Google, and you couldn’t look up how to properly cut hair. Even then you always had a plan on everything you did, The making of a great teacher started at a very young.
Your nurturing skilled didn’t always come easy to you. Remember when you left me under a tree, and told me not to leave. You said the snakes would get me if I moved. You and Larry (your favorite sibling) went off and forgot all about me until Momma asked where was Mary. I being the obedient child , was still there crying my eyes out, terrified those big black snakes were going eat me up alive. You got a spanking for treating your sister so bad. This was another life lesson for your future profession as a teacher. We have so many wonderful memories. Many all day shopping trips. I believe we invented the term shop until you drop. We found all the good places to eat in the Kansas City area that also served the best desserts. You always saved room for the most important things, like ice cream, pies, and cakes. 
We have spent many days and nights in Las Vegas, gambling and enjoying our fair share of adult beverages. We were even sent to our rooms by our dear husbands to recover from too many free Baileys and coffee with several beers thrown in.
We did a road trip together through the forest and wine country in California. I think there wasn’t a winery that we didn’t visit and sample their goods. In Saratoga Springs we stayed in a hot mineral spa. There we took a mud bath together,totally nude in a great big tub. We were having a blast until we became paranoid that someone was watching us with hidden cameras. We got out of there as fast as we could.
We have been on three cruises together, I think the first one to Jamaica was my personal favorite. I’m the only person I know that can get drunk on plain lemon aide. 
A few years ago you bought property near Truman Lake in Warsaw. We bought a travel trailer and have it parked on your place . This past summer you and Dale have built a beautiful home there. I am hoping next year we will be able to spent more time with you all.
It really doesn’t matter what we do together, visiting Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, California, Las Vegas , cruising the Bahamas or the Caribbean Islands or just hanging out at the lake, it’s all good. We can find beauty in the ordinary. 
Thanks for being my Big Sis. I love you with all my heart and look forward to making many more memories together,


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