All’s right in the world

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended the public schools in Odessa Missouri during the 1960’s. My school days began at Mary Mc Quarry Elementray. I will never forget my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Adair. She was a single lady who was always impeccably dressed. She wore tailored skirts and jackets with matching shoes. Not a hair was ever out of place on the pretty blond head. She was like no other lady I had ever met. The church ladies at the Baptist church I attended since I was two didn’t come close to being as classy her.

She ran her class room with a firm but fair hand. I don’t believe I ever heard her raise her voice. We started each day with Mrs. Mc Quarry greeting us over the intercom. Then all the students would stand and say the pledge of allegiance. She would end with reciting a line from Robert Brownings poem Pippa’s Song. “Gods in his heaven all’s right with the world”. I take that to mean everything is just as it should be. Everyday before we walked to the lunch room we said a prayer blessing the food and the hands that prepared it.

How sad it is we can no longer say the pledge, speak of our Lord, or give thanks for our food in our schools today. I find it amazing a simple one line quote that was recited more than fifty years ago is firmly etched in my memory. Those words comforted me then as they do now.

May we as parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other family and friends continue to teach our children to pay respect to our country and the flag, love God, and the value of prayer.


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