A Glorious Day


Today is going to be a glorious day in the Barker household. It’s 6:15 in the morning. As I sit here drinking my coffee, all is quiet except the sound of Dogger and Max’s soft snoring. Garry’s still sleeping since he was up with me until after 1:00 this morning. I had a bad hurting spell, that triggers my breathing to become labored. Garry won’t go to bed until all’s well with his Babe. Gotta love that man of mine. But for now, I’m feeling pretty good. I probably over did it last night going out to supper for Lorries birthday. We went to a Greek restaurant called Tassos. Had a lot of fun being with the kids and trying all the different foods

Lorrie and I will be fixing Thanksgiving dinner together this year. I’ll be sitting at the kitchen table preparing the food, while she makes some of the sides and all the desserts. I’ll be showing her how to make the noodles ( or as Maddie renamed them, dumpynoodles ) It doesn’t matter what you call then , or what they look like , everyone of them will be gone.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and it is my favorite holiday. A time for families to gather around the table remembering all the blessings in our lives and giving thanks to our Lord for giving us those blessings. This year we have a lot to be thankful for. I for one is thankful to be going to the Mayo Clinic in December. I am also thankful to have Eric living back in Missouri. He and Kayla are doing great. Both have good jobs, and have made a nice home together. All the other grandkids are doing well in school. I am thankful they share their many talents with me. I love it when I see them singing, dancing, and playing the piano, or whatever musical instrument they play. I am so proud of each one of them.

All of us was supposed to be in Georgia celebrating with Larry, Laurie, Malia, and Garrison. But my health didn’t allow that to happen this year. I’m happy ( and a little jealous ) that Rick and his family was able to drive down to Georgia for the holidays. I know they will have so much fun cooking, eating, playing cards, and Mexican train , with some NFL football playing in the back ground.

Hope everyone takes the time out of our busy schedules to thank God for our many blessings . I want to thank you, my family and friends for being there for me this past year. You have helped made my life a better place to be. Love to all and Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Mary


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