At the Beach

Laying here relaxing on a beautiful white sand beach
with eyes tightly closed
protecting them from the harmful sun rays.
I hear the power of the ocean’s waves crashing into the seashore.
I feel my body drinking in the warmth from the sun,
bringing soothing comfort to my aching body and soul.
I hear the sea gulls flying overhead,
waiting for someone to toss a few crumbs their way.
Children are laughing and playing in the warm salt water,
as their parents keep a close watch from a nearby spot on the beach.
The sun is quickly fading into the horizon.
Family’s are packing up their beach toys, towels, picnic baskets, and
rounding up the children,
with a promise to return in the morning before heading back home.
I too start walking back to the rented beach house.
I thank God for all the beauty He has created for all of us to enjoy.
I too will be back,
to this paradise on earth to soak in all the healing powers from this amazing place.





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