I was introduced to fishing at very young age. I’m not sure exactly when, but I believe I was around four. We were living in the old Mueller house north of Bates City. Daddy was working as a farm hand for a city slicker named Joe. Joe and his wife had good jobs at the Bell Telephone Company in Kansas City. As a hobby Joe bought the farm and hired Daddy to do all the work. Daddy was paid a whopping $5.00 a week. That is if and when Joe decides to show up and pay him. Joe was an alcoholic who would drive down many a times so drunk he would fall out of his car. Momma would make him black coffee and cornbread and milk trying to sober him up.

The farm was located across the gravel road, south of our house. Joe, with Daddy doing all the work, tried his hand at raising sheep, cattle, and pigs. I don’t think he was very successful at any of his ventures because they never lasted very long. Daddy would work in the fields while us kids took our cane poles and went fishing. The farm had what we called the lake, but it was really a big pond . We spent almost every day fishing there. After catching a mess of blue gill and catfish, we took them home. Even though Momma would not eat the fish , she would dress and cook them up for supper. We were so proud of the fish we caught. Momma always gave us credit for providing the meat for supper that night.

As an adult I very seldom go fishing. I have very little patience waiting for the fish to decide he just has to take a nibble of the tasty worm at the end of my hook. I do catch a lot of limbs and get caught up on rocks, losing my lures every time. I leave the fishing to my sister and her husband. They always catch a lot fish, and invite us down for a fish fry. I must say Dale makes the best fried fish I have ever eaten. So, keep on fishing Linda and Dale. I will enjoy every bite you share with me.


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  1. Terri Sonoda
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 03:35:36

    I used to go fishing with my Dad and Mom when I was young, but only if I absolutely had to. LOL. I never liked to fish. I sure do like to eat fish though. And reading about Dale’s fried fish has my mouth watering!


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