Changing Places

In the mid-seventies the Air Force transferred us from Laredo Texas to Valdosta Georgia. Lorrie was three and Larry one when we packed up the bird shit yellow Ford Pinto and headed to Georgia.
Our first stop was Missouri for a visit with the family.

It was late August, driving to Missouri was very uncomfortable since the little car didn’t have air conditioning. Larry was still nursing from a baby bottle, that was until he grabbed a bottle that had been left out too long. When he took a drink he started crying. I took the bottle from him and discovered the milk had turned sour. In fact it looked more like cottage cheese than milk. He would have nothing to do with any baby bottle from that day on. That did make the switch to a cup much easier.

We had a great time visiting all the family and friends in Missouri. Then it was time to complete our journey to Georgia. We spent one day in Nashville Tennessee at the newly opened Grand old Opera theme park. Then headed down to Rock City in Chattanooga ,Tennessee . There Lorrie broke her nose climbing the stone steps leading to the look out point . We finally arrived in Vadosta in time to celebrate Larry’s 1st birthday.

During our time in Valdosta, we bought a little pink and white mobile home. We lived in a trailer park across the road from Moody A F Base. We had a huge yard that was backed up next to the swamp. At night you could hear the alligators barking trying to attract a mate. As far as I know the alligators stayed out of our yard. At least none of our puppies or children were ate for their supper.

Shortly after our move Larry and Lorrie were in the yard playing. Larry comes running into the house screaming. He was frantically trying to get his diaper off. He had sat smack down in the middle of a fire ant hill. The ants were all over his legs and private boy parts. I got the ants off him and noticed he had blisters where the ants had bitten him. I took him to the emergency room where he was treated and we was told how dangerous fire ants can be, especially to small children. He never got near those ants after that.

In Georgia Lorrie was able to start 1st grade when she was five. She was always reading books and had learned all her ABCs on her own. I knew she would be fine in school. One day she can home very upset. She told me this long story about getting in trouble on the play ground, and was sent to the principles office. I asked her where is the note from the school telling us what had happened. She said there was no note because the principle spanked me, and told me not to do it again. I was so mad at that school. They never called or least of all send a note home. Then they spanked my baby girl. I went to see that principle the next day, to make sure this never happened again to my child. I told them why I was there, and waited for them to respond. They called Lorrie into the office. They asked her if she has ever been in the principle office, and did she get a spanking at school yesterday. She said no. Now I’m not very pleased with my daring baby girl. I asked why she told a lie. She said she wanted to know what it felt like going to the principal’s office. A lesson learned by daughter, and history never repeated its self.


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