Make a Joyful Noise unto The Lord

Make a joyful noise unto The Lord Psalms 100. As a child I attended the Baptist Church in Bates City Missouri. I loved that little church and the kind loving folks that always welcomed me with open arms. As a child I preferred to sit on the second pew in the front of the sanctuary . That much hasn’t changed. I find myself sitting in the same place , second row on the right each Sunday.

When I stayed for the church services I would sit next to the pastors wife. I guess that was her favorite pew spot too. She was a tall dark headed handsome woman. She always sang loud and proud. She certainly made joyful noises to our Lord. And noise it was. She had the flattest most monotone voice I had ever heard. That is until I heard my own voice in the second grade.

Knowing I can’t sing never stopped me. I love to sing. Thanks to my IPad I have several karaoke icons that I use almost daily. I read somewhere,(probably while googling on my IPad) that singing brings out a hormone that makes us feel better, and gives us pleasure. So I ran with that idea, and sing for pain management and depression. It has been a life saver for me. I know now why Garry doesn’t wear his hearing aides. Even the dogs leave the room. However Garry said he loves to hear me sing(not that he loves the sound of my voice) but because he knows I am feeling better physically and mentally. He even busts out in song now and then . That’s when Dogger and Max hides in the bedroom.

I believe when we get to heaven we will be whole and perfect. Does that mean my voice will be perfect, or is it already perfect to him? I will continue to make joyful noises to our Lord. It’s ear plugs or leave the room for everyone else.


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