Are you O.K.

My dear sweet husband ask me all day long are you O.K. Babe ? I usually answer sure I’m fine.
I try so hard to keep a positive attitude. Now that is easier said than done.

Sometimes answering with I’m fine, is easier than telling the truth. I’m hurting all over, my feet and legs are so swollen , I can hardly stand the pain in my feet when I walk. I can’t breath even with oxygen. My back hurts when I’m standing more than a few minutes. My chest hurts. I have had double vision for weeks now. I see things in bright radiant colors. What the hell is wrong with me.

I’m tired of being told by doctors, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. The cardiologist has checked and doubled checked my heart. The only thing they found was two of the six bypasses are blocked. I also have an excessive fat layer around my heart. They don’t appear to be concerned about the two bypasses that are totally gone. Most cardiac bypasses last 10-20 years, not less than six months. I wonder how long the remaining four will last. As for the fat layer around the heart, they say it is probably causing or aiding in the stiffness of the heart and the heart sac. Losing weight will help. I’m all for losing weight, but that just don’t seen to be in the cards right now either.

My fasting blood sugars have been over 300 since before the heart surgery. The doctor said my A1C is over 12. they want it under 7. At this time I take over 200. units of insulin per day. They are now looking at possible causes for the uncontrolled sugars.

All the doctors say they know something is wrong but they haven’t found the answers yet. The cardiologist has sent my case to a friend of his that works in cardiology at the Mayo Clinic. I hope he can give us an insight to what is happening.

I just received a call from my family doctor. All my doctors collaborated today and came up with the verdict. It is my heart giving me all the health issues. They are scheduling an appointment with a thoracic / cardio surgeon. I will find out more then. God bless, and thanks for all the prayers.



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