Living to be 100

I had an uncle on my fathers’ side that lived to be over 100. Uncle Will was a little man. He wasn’t much over five two and in his heaviest day didn’t weigh over a buck and a quarter. He had a full head of black hair up until the day he died. He lived about four miles north of town. He never owed a car. i don’t know if he knew how to drive. Everyday my school bus would pass him walking to town. First he would visit his daughter and have coffee and enjoy a few cigarettes with her. Then he walked uptown to Emma Bunns’ beer joint. He would have a glass of beer or two if he had enough money. There he would smoke a few more cigarettes. He rolled his own. I was always fascinated on how perfect his cigarettes were. He didn’t spill a drop of his tobacco. I guess after over 95 years of smoking you would perfect the art of cigarette making.

Why did this man who smoked cigarettes, chewed tobacco, drank beer, and his fair share of the hard stuff, live so long? He never went to the doctor, so he wasn’t on any prescription drugs. He wasn’t crippled up arthritis. He did naturally what the doctors tell us to do today. He ate fresh veggies from his garden, and fruit from the orchard. Eggs from the chickens they raised. Most of the meat they ate came from hunting wild game. He was never overweight. He exercised daily. Nothing fancy just walked. I think he did most things in moderation. I wish I had lived my life more like my uncle. I am sure my health wouldn’t be like it is today. I can’t undo the past, but I can do my best to take better care of myself from now on. I may not live to be 100 , but I know I have many more wonderful years ahead filled with much love and laughter. I am truly blessed.


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