With all the distraction in our lives, how can we hear what God is wanting us to do . How would we even know when someone is out there needing us?

The very first thing I do each morning , or in my case all night long, is turn on the computer, and check out Facebook. I see who is currently on line, and wonder why are they up at 2. A.M. Do they ever sleep? If I see my son Larry is on line , I message him, and he calls me on my cell. It doesn’t matter what time it is , thanks to Facebook and messaging, we are able to talk . It is never anything so important that couldn’t have waited until when normal people are awake. In my case I have no boundaries on when to get unplugged from the cell, computer, and late night TV that is just on for background noise.

The other night my grandson Matthew was getting ready for bed. I was at my usual place in the living room, my IPad on, cell phone nearby, and TV blasting away with nobody watching. I asked Matthew if he wanted me to tuck him in . He answered sure. I said it would be my pleasure to tuck you in. He said that makes me feel so special and loved that you would want to do that for me. He said Grandma you are the best. I tucked him in , and after many hugs, kisses, and I love you the most, I went back into the living room. I realized if I hadn’t got unplugged for those few minutes , I would have never know those special moments I had with Matthew.

What else am I missing by staying plugged in? When did Facebook, video slot games, cell phones that I must take with me everywhere I go, take the place of reality
living The old saying was take the time to smell the roses, and in today’s terminology get unplugged. There is so much more out there than computers and cell phone. Maybe then we will be able to listen to what God has in store for us.



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