Sitting here in my Lazy boy remote control recliner, I have been looking at old snap shots from my past. Memories came flooding back to times that appeared much simpler. Looking at the pictures i grew up in poverty, but was surrounded by love. That is where my Jenny stories came from. Hard, hard times that molded me into the person I am today.


I’m looking at all the pictures of the wonderful life I have had with my husband Garry and our children Lorrie, Larry, and Rick. The years when they were babies was hard. I wasn’t much more than a baby myself., but oh how I loved them. They were mine, I didn’t even liked to share them with Garry. When Garry 1st went back into the Air Force money was extremely tight. I was so homesick for my family back in Missouri. But that made us even closer as a family. We would do everthing together. We taught the kids to play cards, (poker) before they went to school. At least my kids knew how to count back change when they started working. We would play board games, and watch old Elvis movies on tv.



Yes those were wonderful years. In 1980 I joined the Air Force. Financially our lives became a lot easier. The kids grew into fine young adults, and got married and had children of their own. Our son Rick came unto our lives when he was a freshman in high school. We were older and had a blast sharing all the high school sports and school activities with him. He married a fine young lady, and they have three beautiful kids.







Now I sit here and wonder where all the years have went. I am so blessed to have a heart full of memories from the past. And a heart so filled with the love of my family. I have and continue to live a remarkably charmed life. I am so grateful to have Garry as my soul mate. I love him more today than Ii did yesterday, and more tomorrow than I do today.My children is the number one blessing God gave me. The joy they have brought me and continue to bring is amazing. I immediately feel better when I am with the grandkids . Our children is doing a great job raising them in a loving Christian home. Thank you my family for always being there for me. I know we will have years and years of great memories to make together. Love you all.


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