My Birthday

For the past forty or so years, I have celebrated my birthday the entire month of September. This year we are extending it a bit and starting the festivities early. On August 31st my family is hosting a 60th birthday party for, you guessed it me. My very best girl friend Terri, is flying in from Nevada. We will celebrating her 60th birthday too. Also my sister-in-law Dottie shares my birthday. My kids in Georgia and Kansas will be here too. Abe and his wife Amanda (Terri’s son) will be coming in from Utah. I am so excited to share my special birthday with the ones I love.

Growing up we never really had a birthday dinner or party. No presents or anyone singing happy birthday.Just another day in the Murry house. The only birthday I remember is my 16th. I invited my new boyfriend Garry Barker, to have supper with us. Momma cooked a nice meal, we even has an angel food cake, with vanilla icing. Her and Daddy gave me a pair of dime store earrings that I treasured. I still have one of the earrings. After moving all over the world it is a miracle I have any at all.

Garry bought me a heart shaped pendent necklace with a single diamond. The jewelry store in Odessa wrapped it up real pretty.I had never received such an extravagant gift. Garry treated me so special. He told me the other day he knew from the first time we met, we would be together forever. Well it looks like he was on to something. I have no plans on going anywhere without him. We started dating around my birthday in September and was married in November. 44 years later, we are still together. Much older, sometimes wiser, but still madly in love.

Back to me, or better yet my party. We rented a banquet hall in Grain Valley. Lorrie is taking care of the decorations, the catering, invites, and all the other things involved in making this a special time. She wants some things to be a surprise, so she is keeping me out of the loop. I know as long as my family, and friends are there it will be perfect.


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  1. Terri Sonoda
    May 01, 2013 @ 18:05:44

    I am beyond excited about the party and spending time with you, my dear friend! I wish I could remember all the birthdays we have celebrated together, but I can only remember that we did, and we had a lot of fun! It will be wonderful to catch up with you and see Garry and the rest of your family. I’m excited that my son and DIL will be there and still hoping my other son will also be able to attend. It’s gonna be a party to remember! LOVE you, BFF!


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