The Night the Boogie Man Came to get Me

Jenny’s Story Continue….
The Night The Boogie Man Came To get Me.

I was around thirteen the summer my family went on a week end outing to the Lake of the Ozark. This was a first for the family. They even rented a cabin on the lake. My older sister and her husband, Mom and Daddy,little sister Bettie, and Aunt Nell loaded up the car and headed south to the lake. Everyone but me. I refused to go. To this day I have no idea why I didn’t want to go. Mom and Daddy didn’t want to leave me home alone, but there was no way I was getting in that car. As the car pulled away , I began to have second thoughts as to my decisions to stay home alone.

We lived in an old two story house out the the country. At night you could hear the rats and mice in the attic and walls moving about. The house made all kinds of strange noises at night, but as long as mom and dad were there, it really didn’t bother me.

As night was growing near, the shadows, and sounds began to scare me. Even though it was summer, I shut all the windows, and doors. To make matters worse every room had a door leading outside, and there were no locks on the doors or windows.

I was sitting in the living room with the light turned on. The house had a single light hanging from the ceiling, that cast shadows in every corner. With the sounds I swear I had never heard before, and the faces I saw leering at me from the shadows, I was ready to run as fast as I could to the safety of my Momma arms. What did I get myself into? Why was I so stubborn and insisted on staying home?

Suddenly I heard a faint scratching at the window. I hurried and turned off the light. The scraping got louder and louder. Then I heard a voice say, little girl, why are you home alone? Little girl, this is the Boogie man, I’m going to come and get you. I hurried and moved chairs in front of the door , hoping to keep him out of the house. He knew I was in the living room, so I very quietly moved to the back bedroom. There I curled up in bed with covers over my head. Boy was it hot under all those covers, but that old boogie man never found me.

The next day when the family returned from the lake. I was told they had a family friend come over to scare me to teach me a lesson. It worked, I never wanted to stay in that house alone again. I also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun they had without me.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Terri Sonoda
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 14:40:28

    Wow, I can’t even imagine how frightened you were! Good post! Thanks for sharing Mary! XOXOs


  2. Babe's Place
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 15:10:36

    Thanks, my grandson wants me to write more Jenny stories. He likes to find the lesson in each story. This one he said listen to your parents. They know what is best for you.


  3. Laurie Barker
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 20:39:43

    Thanks Mom….you know how I “love” to be home alone w/ just the kids – yep, thanks a lot :0


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