Where Is My Passion?

Where did my passions go? Where is the laughter, the excitement to start a new day? Since December 19th 2011, the day my dear husband had his heart attack, our world has been spinning out of control. Every second is consumed with ensuring we are doing everything possible to get his health back.

During this time I discovered how precious our life together is. I found about a zillion things my husband does for me that I never gave a second thought. Milk and bread doesn’t automatically get replenished. The dog’s food and water bowels go dry. The 40 pound sack of dog food has to be bought and carried in the house. Then after they eat, the yard gets pretty smelly if you don’t pick up poop. Vacuuming, laundry, dusting, making the bed by myself, the list goes on and on. I know he has spoiled me rotten.

Since I have severe sleep deprivation, Garry had to drive every time we left the house. My favorite time of the day was when he held my hand all the way to work, and back home, while I slept in the passenger’s seat. I got my best rest during those daily commutes. I had to force myself to wear my CPAP machine. Now I am getting more sleep and am staying awake during those crucial times, like driving.

We are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Garry is getting stronger each day. We have started talking and planning a future of traveling, visiting the grandkids, and living our lives to the fullest. The passions for life are returning. Each day brings a new exciting challenge. I know one day soon Garry will be driving the car, holding my hand, while I’m sleeping, and all will be right again in our little world.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tsonoda148
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 15:24:11

    Hi my friend. Tears in my eyes from this beautiful post. It is my deepest wish that your lives return to (whatever normal is for you) soon. You both have shown such endurance and courage during the most difficult of times. Much love and happiness coming your way, I just know it.
    Your devoted BFF,


  2. Babe's Place
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 15:30:41

    Thank you so much my dear friend. You are in the top of our list of who we want to see. Love ya, Mary


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