Waiting, it seams like I have been waiting all my life for one thing or another. It all began when I was around three years old, and I found out about Santa Clause through my older sister and brother. We waited, and waited for the night to come when we would get goodies from this big round jolly guy called Santa. Everyday I would ask Momma if it was Christmas yet. She was beginning to get upset with me for constantly asking, when he finally came. He left us with our stockings filled with apples, oranges, nuts and candy. Now that was worth waiting for.

Then there was the Easter Bunny. We always got a new Easter bonnet to wear to church. We didn’t get store bought bonnets, but Momma would make ours out of head bands and netting. We thought they were beautiful and were so proud to wear them. We also got a basket or bucket filled with hard boiled colored eggs and a little candy. After dinner we had an egg hunt in our front yard.

I was in the first grade when the kids told me about the Toothy fairy. They said if you put your tooth under your pillow he would leave you money. I wiggled and wiggled that tooth until it finally came out. Sure enough I found a nickel under my pillow the next morning. When the grandkids lost a tooth last year they got five dollars. Inflation certainly hits all aspects of our lives doesn’t it?

My personal favorite time is birthdays. You have to wait until you are six to start school. Most of us girls were around twelve before we official become a woman. Thirteen is always a big year. Our parents made us wait until they thought we are old enough for make up, cell phones, dating, and anything else that they aren’t ready for us to do yet. Your sweet sixteenth birthday is special. High School graduation comes and goes and you are in college or working, or both. When I was in the Air Force, it was hurry up and wait. If anything it taught me patience.

After waiting what seams to be a lifetime, and if you are very lucky, you find the love of your life, and get married. You decide to have children, and wait another nine long months for the bundle of joy to arrive.

I couldn’t wait until I got old enough to retire, to start enjoying the golden years. The time finally arrived and I begin to have heath problems. I had to wait to be seen by the doctors, wait for the test results, wait for another doctor’s oppinion, and then wait for a surgery date, and finally wait to get better…

I think it is good that we spend our entire life waiting. Waiting allows us the time to truly appreciate whatever it was we were waiting for. I’m looking forward to many years of things to wait for. There are places I haven’t visited, good times spent with my children, grandchildren, family and friends, and many more adventures I haven’t thought of yet. So I will continue to wait and wait, and wait…


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  1. Terri Sonoda
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 21:27:57

    Hi Mary; Awesome post, and so very very true! We sure do a lot of waiting, don’t we? I’m still waiting for the economy to improve so I can get a better job. Hell, I waited what seemed like forever to even get a low-paying job. Waiting, however frustrating and mundane, is part of the journey.
    Thinking of you and Garry and anxiously waiting for his surgery to be successful and him to be on the road to recovery. Love you both so very much!


  2. cuhome
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 21:43:14

    Nice post! You are so right, we do spend much of our lives “waiting”. I think that IS life. 🙂


  3. Robin Craig
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 04:46:13

    Hi Mary, you hit the nail on the head. bout the only we’re not told to wait on is bills. And they just plane drive my nut. I enjoyed reading you article and my prayers are with you and your husband.


  4. Grandma Kc
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 20:42:39

    Good post and I agree completely. Sure seems like I have spent a lot of time hurrying so that I could wait! and wait and wait…… And I agree with Terri, I sure hope the economy improves soon!


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