North To Alaska

For almost two years we have been planning this once in a lifetime Alaskan adventure. It took us almost that long to pay for the cruise, air fare, hotel in Seattle, and all the excursions in Alaska. After we paid for all the essentials, we had to save for the spending money we needed while in Seattle and on the cruise. I worked almost full time at my old job for over a month, so we were covered in the money department, or so I thought. Everything cost more than we had planned, so I’ll have to work for at least another month to pay the credit card bill.

August 26th finally came, and we were on our way to Seattle. I had a very rough time with my legs hurting from Kansas City to Houston, so I took a strong pain pill for the four hour flight to Seattle. That little pill did the trick, I wish I had taken it on the first leg of the trip.

Seattle was beautiful. The weather perfect, no rain until the day we left. There were so many things to see and do; we tried to take in as much as we could in four days. We ate some fabulous sea food, among many other delicacies. We tried to work off all those extra calories by walking as much as our tired old legs could handle. Seattle reminds me of San Francisco, there are more hilly streets than flats ones. Going down hill hurt my feet and legs almost as much as going up.

We got on Carnival’s cruise ship the Spirit on August 30th. The ship was the most elegant between the three ships we had been on. It was great whale watching from our balcony. When we left home it was over 100, quite a contrast to the 50’s and 60’s with twenty mile an hour winds on the ship and in Alaska.

They had the worst photographers on board. Every picture made me look old, fat, and I always had the goofiest expressions on my face. I know I don’nt really look that bad.. So I refused to buy any of their pictures. I would rather remember the way I thought I looked, beautiful, slim, and much younger than those damn pictures.

Alaska is aboslutly breath taking. The glaciers were indescribable. The waters crystal clear with icebergs floating all around. We saw black bears and their cubs in the wild. Bald eagles perched in the tallest trees. Salmon swimming upstream, jumping over tall rocks and boulders making their way back to the fresh water streams where they were born. Totem poles being made by the natives. An incredible trip from start t to finish.

Tomorrow we head back home to Missouri. Back to work, 100 degree temperatures, and all the other head ache of our everyday lives. But the best thing is we will be back home. There we can lounge in front of the TV. in our old well worn P.J.’s with Garry on one end of the sofa and our dog boys Max and Dogger snoozing between us. Eric will be in his bedroom sleeping. Matthew will be planning a sleep over as soon as we give him the o.k. I will be able to see or call my kids or grandchildren. Our life will be back to normal. In a week or two we will be thinking about where our next adventure will led us. For now our home sounds like the place I really want to be.


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  1. tsonoda148
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 23:36:32

    Sounds wonderful! I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I’ve never been on a cruise (yet) but hope to some day. The Alaska one sounds remarkable.


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