Telling Stories

Since Garry and I were active duty Air Force, our children grew up without truly knowing their grandparents, auntie, uncles, and cousins. We visited Missouri once a year, but that wasn’t enough time to have a close relationship with any of the extended family. As a result the four of us became very close. We also moved a lot during our military career, living in Texas, Georgia, Turkey, back to Texas, Colorado, and finally Guam.

We spent hours playing board games, and cards, especially black jack and poker. They learned at a very young age if they were going to gamble, they risked the chance of losing their own money. There were many times when dear old Dad had to write them a check for the money he lost.  

 Growing up our children endured many hours of listening to Garry and I telling stories of our youth. We were on vacation driving to Disney Land when I told them the story of my brother and the deer. It went something like this.

My brother Larry was around twelve when he decided to go deer hunting. He had seen several deers in the woods around our house. He just knew he could get kill one. That would provide a lot of meat for the family. He loaded up the old single shot 22 rifle, got on his bike and disappearing over the hill. He had been gone for quite some time when I saw him top the hill on his bike. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was coming down the steep slope on his bike with a deer wrapped around his shoulders. The deer’s feet were hanging over the handle bars.  I don’t know how he kept the bike upright, but he did. The next thing I knew that deer started moving. He thought the deer was dead, but the bullet had only knocked him out for a little while. When the deer woke up, it really got scared. It jumped of Larry’s shoulder with such a force he lost control of the bike. The deer went running into the woods.  Larry and his bike crashed in a ditch about four feet deep. It took him awhile to pull himself up out of there. He was scratched up and bruised pretty bad. Then he had to push his bike all the way home. He was so mad, he   not only lost the deer, and he messed up the bike as well. After that experience he stuck with rabbit hunting. He knew his 22 would kill rabbits.

The kids really liked that story. I had to bust their bubble and tell them the truth; I had made the story up. As I said we did like telling them stories.



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  1. tsonoda148
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 02:31:50

    LMAO! Yea I know about telling ‘stories’. My Dad is the king of ‘story’ telling. It’s fun though. I’m beginning to take after him, too. I tell some stories over and over again, or so I’m told. ahem…


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