Now What Was I Saying?

Last night my sister and I were sitting on the sofa catching up on the days adventures of our amazingly interesting life. I spent the day scanning documents for eight long hours. I’m lucky, I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Boring yes, but at least it’s a paying job.

 My sister and her husband went out to dinner to celebrate their eighth anniversary. After a few adult beverages she was all mellowed out, in fact so relaxed she was dozing off a bit between conversations. At our age that happens often, with or without the help of alcohol.

I was in mid sentence telling Linda I was researching something on the internet, when my grandson interrupted me.  After answering his question, she said go on finish what you were saying. For the life of me I couldn’t recall what I was talking about. About ten minutes later I remembered and finished the story.

That‘s happening a lot lately. It’s not just me, but most of the people I know around my age have this problem too. My sister and I were in an Amish grocery store looking at all the bulk items for sale. We were discussing the things we liked when she said, Mary let me show you what I really like, it’s on the next row. As we turned the corner she stopped in her tracks. She had already forgotten what it was she wanted me to see. We were laughing so hard I think our husbands were embarrassed. She did remember what it was, but now I have forgotten.

I remember stupid things like birthdays  of people I met forty years ago. I don’t remember their names, just dates. I worked at my former job for ten years, and never knew the company  phone number. 

My brain is filled with fifty seven years of memories.   I’m sure plenty of useless information is just taking up valuable space in there. Maybe if we could do a scan and dump all the crap we fill our minds with, next time I could remember what it was I walked into the room for. Let me research that and see what I come up with. Now what was I was going look up on the computer?


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  1. tsonoda148
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 16:13:39

    I think I do a memory dump often, actually, because my recall is becoming more and more difficult. I love it when I go into a room for a specific purpose, and upon arrival, have completely forgotten why I went in the first place. I think we all do that but it still bugs me when it happens. I’m just hoping I don’t have an instance when trying to help someone on the phone (my new job…..too much to remember). UGH


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