My Biggest Fear

Studies have shown the fear of public speaking ranks up there with the fear of dying.  I can relate to that study all too well. My personal fear began when I was in grade school. The very thought of standing up in front of the class terrified me.  I would sit in my chair worrying and fretting about when my turn to speak would come up.  When the teacher called my name, I walked to the front of the class shaking so hard I didn’t think I would make it. My voice cracked and broke up so bad the teacher couldn’t understand what I was saying. Before long I refused to put myself though the pain. I would get an “F“for not participating. I didn’t care, it was worth it, anything as long as I didn’t have to speak.

When I got married the fear continued. While we were living in Georgia we got our first telephone.  I was twenty years old and had spoken on the phone just a few times.  I was so shy and nervous Garry had to make all my doctor’s appointments. I just couldn’t talk on the phone.

When I attended the NCO leadership school in the Air Force they didn’t care one way or the other if I was afraid. I remember practicing over and over again, until I had the speech down pat. Then it was just like grade school, I chocked. My fears got the best of me. I got an outstanding grade for the contents of the speech and a very low grade for presentation.

I was in my late forties when I finally overcame my fears, thanks to my minister. She started having read small parts during the service.  Then one Easter she had me perform a one person skit on Mary Magdalene at the cross. I was hooked. From that day forward I was no longer afraid. In fact I volunteered every chance I could to speak.

My biggest fear was public speaking, but it was also the one thing I wanted to do more than anything.  I hope I never get too old to try new things to challenge myself. The rewards can be life changing.


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  1. tsonoda148
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 03:45:52

    My lovely friend, that’s one of the things that makes you so appealing and wonderful……the fact that you are not afraid to put yourself out there and experience new things. I am like that, too, and so I understand why it’s so important to you. It’s like a good buzz, but without the lingering hangover. It’s exciting and fulfilling and keeps us young. You rock. Love you lots!


  2. Babe's Place
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 07:03:08

    Thank you , we are two of a kind I’m proud to say. Over the years we have evolved into two pretty amazing ladies. Love you, Mary


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