God’s Most Precious Gift Part 1

God   blessed some of us with the most precious gift of all … children. It doesn’t matter if they are your biological children, step, foster, nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, or any child that has came into your life.

I was seventeen when my daughter was born. Garry and I had been married one year and twenty days when she arrived.  We were living with his mom in Odessa. I was a know it all seventeen year old kid.  Nobody could tell me anything, especially my mother –in law. All day I was restless. I walked to town and back about six times. I just couldn’t sit still. Garry’s Mom said I was in labor. I say no, I’m not having any pains, and I will know when I go into labor. She was really getting on my nerves.

That evening Garry got home around five after working all day in construction. It was Friday and pay day. He had just cashed his check for one hundred and fifty dollars. His mom told him I had been in labor all day and he better get me to the doctor. She harped and harped until he finally gave in; to shut her up I’m sure. I guess I wasn’t as smart as I thought, She was right. I was in labor. Boy did I hate hearing that. Garry drove me to the hospital, with my mother in-law tagging along.

Like most people in the early seventies we didn’t have health insurance. When we registered at the hospital they said the deposit was one hundred and fifty dollars. Thank God Garry had just cashed his check. It took every penny we had, but at least I was admitted into the hospital. 

I was in labor all night. In the morning the doctor broke my water and said the baby should be born in a few hours. My doctor had just left the hospital, when I told Garry I really had to poop. The nurse took one look and said that’s not poop the baby is coming. Lorrie was born within a few minutes after getting in the delivery room.  There she was Lorrie Mischelle Barker, 7 lbs. 2 oz. 19 in. long. She was the most beautiful baby girl turd I had ever seen.  To be continued…..



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tsonoda148
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 02:46:12

    Yes, she is indeed, beautiful, that Lorrie.

    And her Mom ain’t bad either.

    Love ya’s,


  2. Robin Craig
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 03:04:39

    how wonderful I enjoyed it very much.


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