Drunk Pigs

Have you ever seen pigs drunk? I ‘m talking about staggering, falling down , stinking , drunk pigs. It’s truly a sight you would never forget. One year the owner of the farm my Daddy worked for decided to be a pig farmer. Anyone who has driven through Iowa knows the smell of a pig farm. The stench would remain in the car for miles after you left the area. Since our house was across the road from the pig lot, we were the unfortunate ones to smell the pigs all the time.

Pigs not only stink, but they can be very expensive to feed. You have heard the expression eating like a pig. They eat, poop, wallow in mud, then eat some more. The cycle goes on and on.

To satisfy their uncontrollable hunger and to fatten them up to sell at the market, the owner decided the cheapest way to feed them was to buy whey and old baked goods. Daddy would drive the truck to the city and pick up the pastries and bread. He would unload the goods in huge feeding tanks. But not before us kids went through the bread and pastries to pick out all the good stuff. We ate stale donuts, cakes and cookies for days afterwards.

Then Daddy would pour the whey he got from a dairy into the feeding tanks. The mixture of whey and baked goods would ferment in the hot summer sun. That’s when the fun began. Those pigs would go wild eating the concoction. The more they ate the drunker they got. After getting their fill, they would fall over and take a long nap, then wake up, and start it all over again.

Lucky for us the pig farming business didn’t last very long. The owner of the farm went on to another one his money making schemes. This time one that didn’t leave the unmistakable smell of pig.


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  1. tsonoda148
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 03:01:27

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen a drunk pig. Back in the day, I went out with a pig or two that got drunk. But that’s another story altogether.
    Joan’s brother has a hog farm and so does her niece and her husband. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting them, thank goodness. LOL


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