Ginny’s Story Part 6

I was in the second grade when Daddy started drawing his social security and a VA pension. Between the two checks he received more than a hundred dollars a month. That improved our quality of life tremendously. The most Daddy ever made was five dollars a week as a farm hand. We thought we were rich. At the first of the month Momma would stock up on groceries. As a special treat, she would buy a six pack of soda pop. We savored every drop, trying to make it last as long as possible. We were really living high on the hog with all that money coming in each month.

In September Daddy and Uncle Jim had cashed their checks and spent the afternoon in a beer joint drinking. They came home drunk as a skunk. We had never seen Daddy drunk before. He was acting so silly. Momma was mad as hell at them. Momma did not like to be around anyone drinking. Her mother and step-father were drunk most of the time while she was growing up. Her mother was very mean to the kids especially Momma. Her step-father was the opposite; he was kind to all the children. After an evening of drinking he was killed by a drunk driver as he was crossing the street in the Peckwood Club.Momma always thought you were a drunk if you drank more than one or two beers. Don’t even mention hard liqueur. You were a raging alcoholic if you drank the hard stuff.

She was so angry she wouldn’t fix them any supper. Daddy didn’t know how to cook, so he made himself a raw sausage sandwich. That made Momma even angrier. She told him he was going to get worms and die from eating raw pork. Thank god that didn’t happen. Daddy started throwing up everything he had just eaten and all the beer he drank. That was the one and only time I saw Daddy drunk. He never wanted to face that side of Momma again.

While they were in town Daddy bought my little sister and I lunch boxes. Bettie’s was black and mine was pea green. They were made of heavy duty metal, the kind construction workers used. I really wanted a kid’s lunch box, with a cartoon character, or a pretty puppy dog on the front. Even though I hated that huge lunch box, I never told Daddy it wasn’t the type I really wanted. I would never intentionally hurt his feelings. I loved and kissed him, and took it to school anyway.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tsonoda148
    May 27, 2011 @ 17:23:07

    Mary, this really is turning into a novel. It is lovely and I keep checking back when I’m online to see if you’ve written more. Keep ’em coming! Just lovely.


  2. Mary Ann
    May 29, 2011 @ 17:37:53

    HI Mary ; Keep up the good work ,Miss your mom,she was a beautiful person,, Love Ya! xox


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