Ginny’s Story Part 4

My second grade teacher Mrs. Jones was an old lady, with short white tightly permed hair. She wore black lace up shoes, the kind witches wear. We thought she was more like an angel than a witch. There wasn’t a child in our class that didn’t love her. She firmly insisted we treat each other with kindness and respect. You never wanted to be caught being mean to another student. It would have been the first and only time you disobeyed one of the classroom rules.

We started each day reciting her favorite quote. The Lord is in heaven all is right with the world. That year our world was more than alright, it was perfect.

One day the teacher had a surprise for the class. I knew it wasn’t the same surprise Momma had when my baby sister was born. She had to be too old for that. She brought in a tape recorder, and went on to tell us how it worked. We had never seen a machine that recorded sound. I’m sure none of us had heard our own voices. She brought it to school to record the class singing “America the Beautiful”.

The class was really excited by now. We lined up in four rows. Tallest in the back, shortest in front. I was on the front row, smack in the middle. The recorder was on a table directly in front of me. We started singing. Everyone sang loud and clear. I know I did, I wanted to make sure that machine picked up my voice. My Momma always said I sang real pretty. This was my time to shine.

After singing we sat down in our assigned seats and patiently waited for the teacher to play the song. The music started and everyone including me, started laughing. Someone was singing so loud they drowned everyone else out. Not only were they loud, they were flat and off key. Who in the world could that be? The teacher said she didn’t think the machine was working properly. We would start over and sing the song again.

She had us line back up. This time she moved some of the kids to different places. I was moved to the third row on the end. The song turn turned out beautiful. I’m glad the teacher figured out how to make the tape recorder work.

Mrs. Jones never said who the terrible singer was. To this day I still wonder who it could have been.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tsonoda148
    May 23, 2011 @ 17:21:20

    Love it. What a wonderful happy story today! I like Ginny. And I love the lady who is bringing her to life. Awesome Mary!


  2. Mary Ann
    May 29, 2011 @ 17:19:01

    HiMary;This was a very cute story ,keep on ,Iam really having a blast now that i can get back onto here & read what you’ve written,Love Ya xox


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